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Sam Wines Private Jet

What is an empty leg?

An empty leg is the term used for a repositioning flight after a jet is used to fly to a destination.

For example if a jet is booked to fly from Sydney to Byron Bay but its next booked flight is also out of Sydney, the return trip is called an empty leg because it is unsold and therefore will return to Sydney empty.

Sam Wines Private Jet
Airly user Sam Wines catching an empty leg on the Falcon 900

To partially reduce the cost of these ’empty legs’ they are often sold for a fraction of their regular price.

Empty legs often come available at short notice and at a huge discount compared to the price of the originating flight while still offering all the perks of a private jet.

Which all sounds amazing but there are some drawbacks you need to be aware of.

You need some flexibility to take advantage of them as the date and time of the return leg is often fixed due to operational requirements.

If the inbound flight is moved or operational requirements change, the timing of your empty leg may also change and of course if the inbound flight is cancelled for any reason, then your empty leg will also be cancelled too.

Which can sound daunting but when you book with a reputable operator like Airly we know these things can happen and can work with you to ensure you still make your original destination.

Private Jet Empty Leg
How to book an empty leg on the Airly app

An empty leg is a great low cost way to experience private jet flight for the first time, make some great memories for you and your family this school holidays and check out some the amazing empty legs on the Airly App for this school holidays.

Airly private jet app

Take off with our new iOS private jet app

Never miss a flight again

Airly iOS private jet app

Our new private jet app has landed and it’s packed full of features and improved functionality.

  • Push notifications to alert you whenever a flight to your preferred destination is initiated
  • Improved search functionality so you can easily find flights already initiated
  • Streamlined booking system
  • Easy member referral

To update simply click on your current Airly App and follow the prompts to update or click here.

Once you update you will be promoted to reset your password and then you will be ready for take off.

Because at Airly we are here to get you moving.