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What private jet matches your travel habit?

Published: April 13, 2018

We love travel, and let’s face it who doesn’t? But there’s some out there who loves their travel experiences a certain way. Be it full of adrenaline pumping activities, getting from A to B in the fastest manner possible, striving for the greatest space or just a picture-perfect experience fit for their Instagram profile.

We match some of the more common traveller personas with the perfect private jet.

For the traveller who likes to go fast

Cessna Citation X

  • Citation X is the fastest private jet on the market reaching speeds of Mach 0.935 (992km/h);
  • Boasts eight leather seats in a double club configuration;
  • Built in dressing room and bathroom;
  • Price tag: $24m USD.

If you love room to move

Embraer Linage 1000

  • Features a cabin height of 6ft 7″;
  • Seats between 13 and 19 passengers;
  • Offers five different zones;
  • Can be customized with a shower and private bedroom;
  • Price tag: $51m USD.

If you’re all about the status

Gulfstream G650ER

  • The G650ER is Gulfstream’s flagship product;
  • Capable to travel vast distances of up to 13,890km;
  • The cabin, which can be controlled via a smart phone, features with rich leathers, fine wood veneers, and stylish stonework.
  • Price tag: $66.5m USD.