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The Experience

Never flown private before? Here's what to expect following your booking.


The Lounge

Your flight experience starts at the lounge, or FBO. But this lounge isn't like the airline lounges, you know the ones: dirty, loud, crowded. The private jet lounge is clean, well appointed, quiet and calming. Simply arrive 20 minutes before you're due to depart. Most lounges also provide complimentary parking.

The aircraft

The Aircraft

We don't own aircraft, instead we leave that to the highly capable and safe operators we've carefully selected. Enjoy the luxurious leather seats, quiet cabins and warm hospitality from your crew. The flight time isn't that much faster than the airlines, but far more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Catering

The Catering

Say goodbye to the soggy omlette or 'gourmet cookie'. Our in flight meals are delivered fresh from the kitchen and feature highly nutritious and filling meals. Our meals cater for all dietary requirements and come in environmentally-friendly packaging ready to consume.

On arrival

On Arrival

Upon touchdown you'll make the short taxi to the lounge (FBO). As you disembark you'll find your luggage at the bottom of the stairs. If you elected for seamless transfers, your driver (or helicopter) will be ready and waiting for the fast ride to the office or home.

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