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Graeson A Airly Private Jet Member
Graeson A

The team at Airly is nothing short of communicative, fast, on the ball & a pleasure to deal with. After my first flight, I couldn’t imagine travelling any other way!

Melbourne member since 2018


How the COVID-19 pandemic may disrupt your travel plans

Obviously the situation with COVID-19 is very fluid and we urge you to check the relevant state Government information before you fly but in the meantime here is a cheat sheet for travel between states in Australia. The good news is that outside of Victoria and remote communities in our west and north our country is opening up again. There […]

What is an empty leg?

An empty leg is the term used for a repositioning flight after a jet is used to fly to a destination. For example if a jet is booked to fly from Sydney to Byron Bay but its next booked flight is also out of Sydney, the return trip is called an empty leg because it is unsold and therefore will […]

Airly’s Response to a Global Pandemic

At Airly we have always taken your safety seriously and while private jets are always maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness we have added in a few extra precautions for when you fly: We request all guests flying on shared flights to wear a mask Passengers will be temperature checked at the lounge before the flight Use of hand […]

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